A couple years ago I committed to reading primarily books by people of color, particularly prioritizing books by Black women. I made this commitment because I figured my attention is one of the resources I have control over.

There are lots of different ways to have impact. I can donate money, and of course I have all the decisions that I make with Peak Support. But my “learning time” is also a resource I can direct.

For most of my life, that time has primarily been used to read books by white people. In fact, I realized as I started…

It’s a question we’ve gotten over and over again: How do we at Peak Support create community on a remote team? How do we ensure our team members feel connected to each other, to our company, and to the clients we serve?

Peak Support is a customer service outsourcing firm. We’re based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but we’re remote-first, which means we have team members all over the U.S. and the Philippines. As a result, we’ve built every process to run remotely, right from the beginning. It starts with sales and marketing, recruiting, hiring, and training. …

A look at the science behind working at home, and what you can do to avoid cognitive pitfalls

Image: bestdesigns/Getty Images

We’re living through the biggest remote-work experiment in the history of the office, but even before the coronavirus pandemic forced nonessential workers to stay home, remote work was a popular option for U.S. workers. According to a 2019 Owl Labs survey of full-time employees, 62% of the respondents worked remotely at least once a month, and 83% agreed that “the ability to work remotely would make them happier.”

But in exchange for gaining geographic independence and, in the case of the ongoing pandemic, increased safety, what might remote workers be losing by staying home? How does remote work actually affect…

Hannah Clark Steiman

Chief Operating Officer at Peak Support. We provide exceptional customer service and business process outsourcing. www.peaksupport.io.

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